Make Your Own Art Box : Coloring Fun

Save those shipping boxes for creative fun! Many people do their shopping online these days and with that comes boxes stacked up by the door. Instead of recycling the traditional way, try re-arting them! Ok, maybe that’s not a real term but I like it. Big boxes can become trains, airplanes or robots. Maybe your child loves to cook. Draw on some burners and knobs and pull out the pots and pans. Point being – give ’em a box and let ’em get crafty.

ArtBox_ColoringFun2My daughter loves art just like her mama so we took one of our really nice shipping boxes and filled it with art supplies! First I helped her draw the letters and we took turns decorating it with beautiful bugs, flowers – and of course rainbows. She set to work coloring and now we have a bright, beautiful box to store our supplies when creativity strikes again.

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  1. How cute is this…I love it. My youngest sister and my great niece color every day. This would be perfect for them and we wouldn’t have all her things laying everywhere as well. So glad you shared this!

  2. Such a cute idea and make good use of any boxes we get. We recycle them sometimes by using them for storage but also in the recycle bin.

  3. Such a great way to encourage creativity, maintain tidiness and organization, and recycling and reusing everyday items! Awesome!

  4. I love this post! My kids love crafting, coloring and drawing. We are always looking for new projects and it looks like we found one! 🙂

  5. This is a really cute and creative idea! I love it. once my son comes home from Memaws I’ll be making one, hopefully! he’s usually mean when he comes home :p haha he’d love it though.

  6. I think thats a good rainy day activity for me an the grandkids to make,,that would be awesome to keep their art supplies in ,thanks

  7. My girls would be all about this project. That’s a very nice shipping box though! I don’t know that I’ve received anything quite that “displayable.” I will have to keep a close eye on the mail!

  8. How cute! I bet since she had a hand in “making it” it’ll make it more exciting to use to store things in!

  9. now this is a cute idea to store there school art work and other drawings in. I love how creative this idea, art stored inside art! 😉

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