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How many times have you curled up with a book as your little one snuggles in for bed and as you turn each page you get that gut feeling that maybe this isn’t an appropriate bed time story after all? I know this has happened to me several times even with classic characters such as Pooh and Elmo. I’ve even found myself tossing a few select stories straight into the recycling bin. I can’t bear passing them along to another unsuspecting parent!

My1story has classic children’s stories presented in a new way. Parents are promised a happy ending free of scary plot lines with these beautifully illustrated children’s books.

I Love Cake and Jack and the Magic Beans are the first two books of the My1story series.

Lil’ Riding Hood visits grandma’s house to find a wolf – but not the big bad wolf. Instead she finds a cute wolf pup who is interested in gobbling up the cake she brought for grandma – not HER!

These stories are beautifully illustrated and My1story offers an adorable plush version of the main character to snuggle and enjoy the story with your child. They are made to last with soft and durable fabric.

My daughter snuggled up to Lil’ Riding Hood immediately (and yes, she’s pink! Note the name is Lil’ Riding Hood – “Red” is missing which took me a few times through to say correctly). My daughter ran and got her Little RED Riding Hood costume on when she saw the story we were reading!

My1story has also switched up the classic Jack and the Bean Stock story replacing the giant with a young, sweet giant who loves to play and the plush version of this character is adorable! I love his bright colors and the textured corduroy of his vest and shoes.

When they hear the familiar ‘read me a story,’ parents who turn to a classic fairytale realize, perhaps too late, that the plot lines are downright scary. The last thing parents want to tell their kids, all snuggled in bed, are stories about big bad wolves or poisoned apples! Enter My1story line of fairytales that guarantee a positive spin until the happy ending. Winner of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products, the first two My1story books now welcome two plush characters — Lil’ Riding Hood and Beanie — straight from the beautifully illustrated pages.

My1story also has a website filled with stories, games and more fun characters to meet. The site is designed with kinds in mind and offers a wonderful place to explore and play if you allow computer time.

Both the books and the plush characters are priced affordably and would make an incredible gift alone or paired together. When my daughter was done reading both books she found the end sheet showing the additional stories and said, “Mommy I want to read ALL of them!”


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Lil’ Riding Hood Plush • $16.99
‘What big eyes you have’ might be the first reaction as tykes snuggle up to this adorable heroine of the classic fairytale with a My1story twist. Green-eyed Lil’ Riding Hood stands 11.5 inches tall and wears the same pink outfit as in the illustrations of her book, I Love Cake! 
Lil Riding Hood & Wolfie in I Love Cake! • $12.99 
Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products 2012
Inside her basket, for her Grandma, is a home-baked cake that smells so good even sleeping Wolfie can sniff it. Wolfie can’t resist cake and he runs to Grandma’s house before Lil’ Riding Hood gets there. The classic tale continues on course but with a happy ending of friendship, the importance of sharing and big slices of cake.
Beanie Plush • $16.99
This future giant is just the right size — 11.5 inches — for snuggling as youngsters hear the story of Jack and that beanstalk that yields plenty of surprises. Beanie is dressed just like the illustrations in his first episode, Jack And The Magic Beans.
Jack’s Beanstalks in Jack and the Magic Beans • $ 12.99
Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products 2012
A young giant named Beanie merrily chants Fe Fi Fo Fum with his stuffed toy Goosy and new friend Jack. They spend the day hopping from cloud to cloud. On his way back down the beanstalk Jack learns an important lesson about taking something without permission. All ends well and another beanstalk adventure awaits.


You can win a copy of this adorable children’s book and plush friend, winner’s choice! (U.S. only)

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Disclosure: I received a sample for the purpose of this review however all thoughts remain 100% my own.

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  1. Besides the fact this is the cutest idea ever I super loved how Little Red Riding Hood helped wolfie to get out of the tree. Such a nice fairy tale!

  2. I like that they’ve tweaked the stories so they’re not scary. I think the graphics are very cute and cheerful.

  3. I like how they turned these stories into non-scary versions! My 3 year old scares very easily but these book would be so fun for him and my 1 year old!

  4. I love how the story is just a bit different & teaches a value. As the child gets older you can compare and contrast the original.

  5. I love the new take on old favs, as well as the plushie to go w/it! I usually try to find a stuffed toy to go w/books I give my Grands & here it’s already done!!!(Holly) Thanks for the chance….

  6. I like the great selection of classic stories…having a plush is a great way to hug your hero as you read the book 🙂

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