Sensory Bin Ideas: Leprechaun Garden for St. Patrick’s Day

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If you are searching for sensory bin ideas for spring, look no further! This leprechaun garden sensory bin is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day activity for preschoolers. Let your child explore and learn while engaging their senses with plenty of opportunity for imaginative play. Holiday sensory bins are a fun way for kids to celebrate at home or in the classroom and this one is magical!

St. Patrick's Day sensory bin activity for kids

Sensory Bin Filler Ideas

When choosing what to put in a sensory bin, look for items that are various sizes, texture and colors. For the full sensory experience you want fillers that will catch the eye and be fun for kids to feel with their hands. Finding sensory bin fillers that are affordable is easy if you know where to look. For this St. Patrick’s Day sensory bin, all the items were found at the local dollar store (Dollar Tree) in the holiday as well as the crafting section. Some of these items were also used to make this shamrock wreath.

  • plastic bin with lid
  • white sand
  • green sand
  • green gravel
  • assorted mini clovers
  • faux moss stones
  • fake gold coins
  • scoops and spoons

Keep in mind the age of your child or classroom when putting together your bin. This sensory bin is best for preschoolers who have moved past putting anything in their mouth. If you are looking for sensory bins for toddlers that are safe, look for items that feel good to the touch but are ok if ingested such as rainbow rice or try other sensory experiences like edible marshmallow playdough.

Sensory Bin Fillers from the Dollar Store

If you can find some small leprechauns or garden gnomes for your sensory bin that would be a great addition.  If you can’t find them at your dollar store, check your local craft store. Your child’s small dolls, action figures, unicorn or animals could also play in this magical garden.

sensory bin fillers with sand and rocks

How to Make a Sensory Bin

This sensory bin resembles a magical rock garden, perfect for any leprechaun, unicorn, gnome or fairy!

how to build a fun sensory bin for preschoolers

To create this sensory bin, start by pouring the sand and gravel into the box. You can keep them separated as we did to create a layered rock garden look. We decided to section ours and create paths, however once kids start playing this look may change. That is ok since messing it up is half the fun!

Glitter shamrock for sensory bin

Next press the small faux moss stones right into the gravel. Create a small cluster of them in various sections of the container. You can now tuck in various elements like the gold coins and of course shamrocks which make a natural path through the garden.

Fun ideas for a sensory bin for spring

Finish the sensory bin by adding in spoons and scoops and other manipulative so kids can start playing with the contents.When you are done playing, simply place the lid back on for safe storage.

a fun leprechaun garden sensory bin

That is all there is to creating this unique St. Patrick’s Day activity for kids. If you are searching for more ways to explore sensory play with your children or classroom, check out these fun ideas and suggestions:



Leprechaun Garden Sensory Bin St Patrick's Day Activity for Kids
Sensory Bin for St. Patrick's Day

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