Paint Chip Turkey Craft with Paper Roll for Thanksgiving

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Using paint chips and toilet paper rolls for crafts is currently very popular. And why not? They are great crafting supplies that happen to be both versatile and free. Who says that holiday crafting has to be expensive? Take a look at this fun and so very frugal paint chip turkey made by Katie Femia. Created from just a few common supplies, you can create this fun craft in just a few minutes. This is a great activity for kids to get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving season. Take a look at how to get started.

Paint Chip Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

Paint Chip Turkey Craft Supplies Needed:

Cardboard toilet paper roll
Pair of googly eyes
Orange and red foam or construction paper
Assorted paint chips
Craft glue

Paint Chip Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft Supplies

1. Begin by constructing the face of the turkey. Add some glue to the back of the googly eyes and press them to the tube.

2. Directly under the eyes, add a triangle made from the orange foam or construction paper. Complete the face by adding a red gobbler. This can be a simple oval cut from red paper or foam as well.

3. Now, add the “feathers” of your turkey. Cut the paint strips to size and glue them directly to the back of the tube. Glue one strip at a time, adding a generous amount of glue and holding it in place until secure.

4. Your paint chip turkey can be completed by adding feet. We cut out some simple feet from a brown and beige paint chip. Just snip, glue, and press!

Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Your paint chip turkey is now ready to be displayed. How easy was that? Katie went with a colorful rainbow theme, but you can just as easily go with more traditional fall colors such as orange, brown and yellow. Offer your kids a wide variety of colors and allow them to create their own masterpiece. You can also have them write what they are thankful for on the paint chips!

So what are you waiting for? Gather your supplies and give this paint chip turkey a try! For more inspiration, check out other paint chip turkeys on Pinterest!


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