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Refreshing Strawberry Iced Tea #TeamDole #GetFrozen

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With warmer weather comes some of my favorite flavors of the season strawberries and iced tea. Summer isn’t summer for me if I don’t have lots of fruit and iced tea. And while I always love a traditional iced tea, I love mixing things up with a little flavor. If you are looking for something a little different with your iced tea, you need to try this delicious Strawberry Iced Tea. It is fairly easy and makes for a beautiful presentation. This tea is a perfect for all those backyard cookouts and family picnics.

Strawberry Iced Tea RecipeYou can certainly make this recipe with fresh strawberries, but frozen Dole Whole Strawberries makes it extra easy to not only garnish your tea, but also avoid any prep work.

Dole Frozen Whole StrawberriesDOLE frozen fruit is unsweetened and handy to have in your freezer for everything from smoothies to ice cream toppings.

Dole Frozen Whole Strawberries in Bowl

Strawberry Iced Tea Recipe
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Strawberry Iced Tea

Course Drink
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 8


  • 7 cups brewed unsweetened iced tea
  • 2 cups Dole Frozen Whole Strawberries thawed
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • fresh mint and additional frozen strawberries for garnish optional


  1. Puree thawed strawberries in blender.
  2. Strain strawberry puree to remove seeds.
  3. Mix together tea, strawberry puree, sugar and lemon juice.
  4. Chill until serving.
  5. To serve, stir well and garnish with additional frozen strawberries and fresh mint.

Dole Frozen Strawberries PureeIf you have never strained strawberries before, it is fairly easy. I like to use my very fine strainer and gently shake and stir with a spoon to move everything around.

Dole Frozen Strawberry SeedsAfter a few minutes you’ll end up with all the little seeds stuck in the strainer and one cup of seedless strawberry puree.

Frozen Strawberry PureeFor my tea, I totally cheated and used my favorite unsweetened tea found in my grocer’s refrigerator section. You can definitely make this with your favorite tea and brew it at home! If you make it yourself, you can add your sugar and lemon juice when it it is still nice and warm so it dissolves well. Wait to add the strawberry puree until it has had a chance to chill.

Easy Strawberry Iced TeaI garnished my tea with fresh mint and extra frozen strawberries I had leftover after making the puree. I love using frozen fruit to keep drinks cool without watering them down like ice cubes can. They also make for a beautiful presentation.

Strawberry Iced Tea with Mint GarnishKeep in mind that this tea is on the thicker side and has a stronger strawberry flavor.  I like my tea on the sweeter side, but not overly sweet. If traditional sweet tea is more your style, you might want to add additional sugar. It really is just a personal preference.

Even you don’t care for traditional tea, you should really give this version a try. Strawberry iced tea is a perfect way to cool down on a warm day!

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  1. 5 stars
    I bet my husband would enjoy having strawberries in his tea, it looks good. If I liked tea I would try it!

  2. What a great recipe. I always have frozen strawberries in the freezer and I regularly make tea, so I’ll have to try it. I do prefer orange in my tea, so I might swap it for the lemon.

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