Get Crafty with Little Monsters {Craft Tutorial}

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I was at the dollar store yesterday and found a great stock of simple craft supplies (Walmart has some of these things for less than a dollar). I took everything out and started playing around them. What to make with pipe cleaners, pom poms, craft sticks and googly eyes?

I glued the eyes to the pom poms and took it from there! Pretty soon I had a neat looking little monster and my daughter loved it! We were off with a fun craft that’s simple enough for a toddler and fun for mom too!

Here’s what we did.



• Craft sticks
• Pipe cleaners
• Googly eyes
• Pom poms
• Glue
• Markers


1. Let the kids pick out their supplies. Get creative. That’s half the fun of it!


2. Tie the craft sticks together with the pipe cleaner. I did two styles. One was crossed together like and “X” and the other had the sticks side by side.


3. Glue the googly eyes to the pom poms (we used blue stick glue that dries clear).


4. Bend the pipe cleaners into a circle at the top and tuck the pom pom inside. Shape them in any crazy way you’d like!


5. Get out the markers and draw on the craft sticks creating hands, feet, mouth, nose, tail or whatever your little mind likes.


6. PLAY!


  1. my son loves monster inc so this would be really creative and fun craft to do with him, I cant wait to see what her comes up with!

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