Henry HABA-Strong’s Armor: Disney FamilyFun Toy of the Year Award

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Disney’s FamilyFun has announced their 30 winners of the 21st annual Toy of Year Awards for 2012. They tested over 300 submitted toys with kids of all ages to find the best and HABA was thrilled to have won two of those awards!

One of those award winning toys is Henry Haba-Strong’s Armor designed for ages 3 to 6 years. Here is what FamilyFun had to say:

We had the chance to try out the set with my four year old who happens to love dressing up and play acting. I surprised him on a beautiful fall day outside with a box from HABA. Inside was Henry Haba-Strong’s Armor along with the matching helmet and sword.  He was definitely surprised and excited!

Putting the armor and helmet on was very easy. I love how soft yet sturdy the set is so I don’t have to worry about him getting hurt or hurting anyone else with plastic pieces. Even better, the set folds flat for easy storage!

Warren and I enjoyed some special play time together while his baby brother napped. I chased him around with my sword and we battled often. His skill was so great with his sword that he often brought me to the ground. Thankfully he made a rule that he could revive me when he wanted so I didn’t stay down long.

Playing outside with this armor set was definitely a special time for us. This kid absolutely wore me out and we giggled non-stop. What a great way to have an adventure outside using our imaginations!

Warren loved the set and almost immediately informed me that maybe we shouldn’t play outside because he didn’t want it to get dirty. (I’ve taught him well!) I told him we’d just be very careful instead. I think it would be very cool if the armor came down a bit to cover Warren’s thighs but I realize that could limit mobility for younger kids.

Several other accessories are also available with the set including helmetmacesword, and a shield. If you are considering the armor I would suggest at minimum the sword or mace so you have something fun to battle with! Also keep in mind that it is even more fun with two so an opponent can have a weapon.

Haba’s Expedition Dino, a fun game for dinosaur lovers, was also a FamilyFun Toy of the Year 2012 Award winner!

Take a journey on this dinosaur expedition! Together with Tim the dinosaur explorer, you search the traces of a prehistoric giant. Equipped with a hammer and chisel you excavate petrified bones from the rocks. But watch out! A dangerous dinosaur is hiding in between the blocks of rock. The explorer with a little bit of skill and luck rolling the die will be able to collect the most bones before the dinosaur is exposed. This player wins the game and is known as the greatest dinosaur explorer of all times! Fantastic 3D setup. Includes loads of game material, fun playing for the whole family! 2 – 5 players. Ages 4 – 99.


Henry HABA Strong Armor has a retail price of $32.99 and like all the fun toys featured in this post, it is available online at HABA USA. Look for it and other accessories at a store near you or other online retailers such as our affiliate Amazon.


Disclosure: I received samples for the purpose of this review however all thoughts remain 100% my own.


  1. With two girls, I am not used to seeing boy costumes! This one is precious! And I cannot stop staring at the colorful trees in your yard…OMG…we don’t see that in the South!

  2. I did not know the set folded flat like that. Seriously, that is a nice little extra. It’s really designed well with so many details!

    PS. Your fall colors are amazing!

    PSS. I have that Expedition Dino game and I LOVE it. Seriously, even as an adult. It rocks.

  3. I think the Dino game would be fun. Beautiful trees in your back yard. We don’t get the oranges very much in Colorado. Lots of yellows and some reds.

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