Is this a good look for me?

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No really, is it?

Based upon the strange looks I got from people as I walked into my son’s school today, I would say that it is not.

Perhaps they just don’t understand that these sunglasses are really my four year old’s and that I seemed to have misplaced my own pair. So while driving and squinting in the sun, I reached around and grabbed my son’s as a substitute. I was surprised they fit and how well they worked to block the sun.

Almost too well.

I completely forgot I was wearing anything other than my own sunglasses and didn’t even catch on to the funny looks from other parents as I walked into the school. I noticed a minute later and was immediately a bit embarrassed.

Um, yeah. So I guess this ISN’T a good look?

Because looking at this picture now,  I think I rock little boy sunglasses.



    1. It is all in the attitude, right? 🙂 I’m sure I’m starting a new trend among moms everywhere.

  1. Don’t you just LOVE those days of mommyhood??!??!? When my oldest was about 1 yr old I was carrying him through the grocery store and noticed a few stare and mutters as I walked by. I was only running in to get drinks so I wasn’t there very long but I got a lot of attention. I just brushed it off thinking that some people must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something…. That is..until I got home and my husband said.. “Uhh, you have S#it on your back!”
    I guess my son had reached into his diaper and smeared poop on me, I was in shock because there was no evidence on his hands and I didn’t smell anything! After that I was wondering what all those people must have thought of me and most of all why wouldn’t someone say something! lol =]
    ….There are many more of those days to come! haha!

    1. Ok, that is hilarious and horrible at the same time! I think I would have told you though. I like to think I would anyway! Yikes. LOL!

  2. If you have to start a trend, why not that one? I think you look great in those sunglasses and while you may have to buy your son a new pair, I would keep them!! 🙂

  3. It could be the beginning of a trend. Just wait… I did te same thing but with my 1 year old’s flower glasses. And can I say Oh My Gosh I looked ridiculous.

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