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Pumpkin Napkin Rings: Kid Friendly Bead Craft

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When I’m decorating for fall, I love to work with items that will last through the whole season. Pumpkins are great way to add to your fall decor, and a personal favorite of mine. While I love the look of  Jack-o-Lanterns, I prefer to use regular pumpkins so they can last through Thanksgiving. If you love pumpkins as much as I do, then you’ll love these Pumpkin Napkin Rings. They are a simple DIY napkin ring that will add beautiful touch to your fall table.

This kid-friendly craft project is sure to keep little one’s hands busy for an hour or so. This is a great opportunity to work on those fine motor skills while having fun at the kitchen table!

Pumpkin Napkin Ring Craft

Supplies Needed for a Single Pumpkin Napkin Ring:

4 orange pipe cleaners
½ green pipe cleaner (brown will work as well)
56 orange pony beads


Cut orange pipe cleaners in half.
Center pipe cleaners all over each other (like a spoke in a wheel) and twist one tightly around to secure the bunch.
Slide 7 pony beads over each orange pipe cleaner.
Bend each one up, curving it into a ball shape, twist the ends around each other to create a ball.
Wrap ½ of your green (or brown) pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a curly stem.
Wrap remainder of green around the center of your pumpkin. Fold a small piece of the end over to create a stem.

Pumpkin Beaded Napkin Ring Steps

This would make a fun project for a classroom setting or on a fall afternoon at home. You can easily make 10 or 12 for less than $5.00, making it a very affordable craft as well as a pretty one for your fall table. (If you don’t need napkin rings, these would also work just for decor.)

So what are you waiting for? Dig out those pipe cleaners and beads and get crafty!

Thanks to Jody Smith for sharing these step by step instructions!


  1. Those are about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I would love to do this with my kiddos and what a great thing for the Thanksgiving table!

  2. My daughters are very crafty and would definitely love this cute pumpkin idea. Beading is such a great activity for kids!

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