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Ultimate Online Baby Shower with Sampler: Free Samples and Flash Giveaways

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If you follow me via social media, you might have seen me talking about the Ultimate Online Baby Shower recently, also known as the #UOBS. I haven’t been involved in a baby event in some time and I was excited to partner with Sampler! Along with six other bloggers, we’ll be bringing new and pregnant moms some awesome samples and flash giveaways from some amazing baby brands. Now I can give you all the lowdown on the fun event, instead of just tease you guys on what is to come!


What is the Ulimate Online Baby Shower? This event will be taking place all this week, August 10-14th. It packs a one-two punch with both a sampling event and giveaways. Both will require you to be fast!!

The Sampling Event

Over 25,000 samples from various brands are up for grabs this week through Sampler. You will need to be fast in order to claim them and you can’t claim them for yourself.  Instead you can send them up to up three of your friends. So if you want to snag some samples, you’ll want to buddy up with a friend so you can send samples to each other! Note: You can claim coupons for yourself. 


Wish for It

This period will give you a chance to wish for samples you’d like to receive so your friends and family know to send you one. If you buddy up, you can each fulfill each other’s wishes. After “RSVP’ing”  on the #UOBS tab on my Facebook page, you will receive exclusive access to the calendar and will have a chance to go and “Wish For” the product samples you would like to receive. You can then share your wishes on social media!

Flash Giveaways

There are 9 flash giveaways during the event, 7 of which are blogger, two of which are the Kick Off and Finale. Each participating blogger, Sampler and one of the participating brands having a flash giveaway on their Facebook page during the event. Entering will be easy. Be sure to watch my Facebook page and Twitter feed for links to giveaways as they go live!

RSVP to Win & Calendar of Events

The final giveaway will be for a Grand Prize Basket worth over $500 to one lucky winner who RSVPs to the event! You’ll definitely want to enter because it will also register you for the event, giving you access to the calendar of events. This calendar will let you know when each of these awesome brands is holding their Sampler event.


**Click here RIGHT NOW to RSVP on my Facebook page (look for the #UOBS tab) and be entered to win.

Participating Brands

At this point, I’m sure you are all dying to know what brands are participating in this fun event! Here is a quick run down on all the companies.

UOBS The Laundress Laundry Products

The Laundress

When I opened a package from The Laundress, I was immediately greeted by the smell of fresh laundry in box with their Baby Laundry Detergent, Stain Solution, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and Wash & Stain Bar. I can’t wait to try out the Wash & Stain Bar on a stubborn stain! (I shouldn’t have to wait long with my three boys.) Founders Gwen and Lindsey have become soap mavens, trying to make household tasks just a bit easier with a biodegradable and phosphate, allergen & toxic free product.

We’re an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care, and home-cleaning products that take excellent care of you, the things you love, and the environment.

What is not to love? Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

UOBS Belli Skincare


Skincare is always important, but especially so when pregnant. My hormones made me break out more than usual and my belly always needed an extra dose of moisturizer for that stretching skin!  Belli Skincare is Picky for a Purpose, offering peace of mind for moms-to-be and any picky skincare user. Their products are allergy tested, free of artificial dyes or fragrances, phthalates and paraben preservatives. So now instead of worrying about your skin, you can concentrate on more important things like your baby.

I’m smitten with the All Day Moisture Body Lotion with lemon oil, chamomile and vitamin E. The smell is fantastic (not too strong) and it glides on without leaving a greasy feeling. Who says you have to be pregnant to enjoy awesome skincare?

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

UOBS HABA Wooden Elephant Baby Rattle


HABA has been a trusted source of quality toys in my house and why we’ve covered this German brand for years on my blog. This Elephant Egon Clutching Toy is perfect for playing and teething. It features sold wood parts secured to a super strong cord, allowing them to wiggle and bend when shaken and a fun jingle sound.  Carefully handcrafted in Germany and colored (not painted) with a non-toxic water-based finish. This is a perfect gift for your little one or someone special!

Be sure to watch for the flash giveaway featuring this brand!

UOBS Bella Bundles Shushie for Door Latches

Bella Bundles

Over the years, putting a baby or small child to bed has made me feel a bit like a ninja. When I accomplish getting out of the room without hitting that squeaky floorboard or stepping on a random toy, I feel like celebrating. The last thing I want to do is make more noise trying to close the door or open it later to check on them. This “Shushie” from Bella Bundles covers door latches and offers some cushion to quiet the noise when opening or shutting. Such a simple, but ingenious idea.

Watch for a fun flash giveaway for a different product with Bella Bundles!

UOBS Wee Can Too Veggie Sculpting Dough Veggie Sidewalk Chalk

We Can Too

Art should be fun and even messy, but it shouldn’t be cause for concern. With We Can Too you no longer have to worry about chemicals, artificial dyes or lead because their products don’t have them. Know your little one is safe with a product that won’t harm them if ingested since it is made from edible ingredients like fruits and veggies! From paints to sidewalk chalk to sculpting dough, We Can Too offers a safe solution for playtime!  My kids love mixing up their own sculpting dough.

Watch for a flash giveaway with We Can Too!

UOBS BabyComfyGummi Teething Jewelry BabyComfyNail Clipper

Baby Comfy Care

We all want our little ones to feel comfortable whether during bath time, play time or during stages of development. Baby Comfy Care offers products that make this just a little easier on parents. Baby Comfy Gummi relieves teething discomfort while offering mom a way to always have a teether at the ready while wearing a piece of jewelry made of FDA approved, CPSC compliant medical-grade silicon rubber.

Trimming my baby’s nails was never a favorite task. I always worried about cutting my baby’s delicate skin. Baby Comfy Nail Deluxe safety clippers offer a new, patented single blade that won’t cut baby’s skin. The bottom flat plastic ledge pushes baby’s skin back out of the way while the top blade cuts only the nail.

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

UOBS Dapple Natural Cleaning Pacifiers Bottles

Dapple Baby

Never have your baby turn away at the smell of soap. Let Dapple clean everything from your meal-times, your bath-times, your story-times, your busy-times, your nap-times, your messy-times, and most importantly, your family-times. Need Dapple on the Go? Toss your Dapple Bottle and Dish Liquid sample in your baby-bag for quick clean-ups while you’re out and about! (A pretty convenient way to always remember your $1.00 off coupon at the checkout line.)

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

UOBS Me4Kidz Little Dudes Cut Scrape Kit


If there is one thing in this house I can never have too many of, it is bandages. I feel like I’m constantly restocking our first aid kit. When I received the Little Dudes Cut + Scrape Kit it took only a couple of days before I had the chance to try them out. They stick great and feature fun characters that my boys enjoy. But best of all it also includes antiseptic towelettes, making this kit perfect for on the go!

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

UOBS AdiriMD Medicine Bottle


When my babies have been sick, all I’ve ever wanted was to help them feel better and not stress over how I will get them to take all of their medicine. Designed for babies and toddlers up to 18 months of age, the Adiri MD+Nurser takes advantages of a bottle-feeding system and integrates it with the capability of medicine delivery. Along with advice from practitioners, scientists, lactation consultants, cutting edge designers and engineers, this new type of medicine delivery system was designed with mom in mind. The Adiri® MD+™ Nurser supplies the most efficient medicine delivery system available today.

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

UOBS Basq Resilient Body Oil Stretch Mark Scar TreatmentBasq

Having three kids has given me a lot of joy. But one thing it brought me that I rather wish they hadn’t was stretch marks. A lot of them. Basq Resilient Body Oil Lavender  offers 100% pure botanical oils blended for optimum stretch mark prevention and repair. Omegas, antioxidants and skin toners all in one beautiful blend plus the soft lavender pear aroma smells great! I wish I had this while pregnant with my first, but I look forward to repairing my skin.

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

UOBS Baby KTan SmartGear Diaper BagBaby K’Tan

When I think of Baby K’Tan I think of baby wearing, but now they are offering diaper bags! I am seriously impressed by the Baby K’tan SmartGear Diaper Bag. It features this awesome built-in wetbag with anti-microbial medical-grade FDA approved nylon. The pocket is resistant against the growth of germs and odor causing bacteria, and is totally washable and food safe. How cool is that?

UOBS Baby KTan SmartGear Diaper Bag InsideAnd when it comes to storage this bag is loaded with 12 storage compartments so you can keep everything organized while you’re on the go. It is lightweight, gender neutral and not too big or too small.

Watch for a flash giveaway with Baby K’tan!

UOBS Sweetsation Therapy Choco Smooch Organic Lip Face Balm

Sweetsation Therapy

Sweetsation Therapy name says is all. The company offers therapeutic organic and natural skin care products that are pleasing for the body, mind and soul. Whether you are young, or young at heart, they have something for you. Their Choco Smooch Organic Lip & Face Balm offers relief for dry, chapped and peeling skin. This is perfect for those extra cold winter months when my little guy gets chapped and dry cheeks from spending time outdoors.

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.

Ubbi & Kids Tweat Snack Container


It’s snack time! I appreciate products that help keep things clean, especially while on-the-go. The Tweat treat dispenser from Ubbi is an innovative snack container that combines playfulness and functionality making snack time enjoyable. The bird shaped Ubbi Tweat stores and seals snacks to keep them fresh and is available in three fun colors.  The lid remains attached when open and the weighted base leans and wobbles to prevent the container from tipping over. Plus, the Tweat opening has a practical soft spill guard and is large enough for easy snack access for small hands.

Watch for a flash giveaway with Ubbi!



You might know this brand for their teethers, but now you can check out their fun personalized keep-it-clean pacifiers.  Yes, you read that correctly. It is a personalized pacifier. These innovative pacifiers close when dropped so the nipple stays clean, giving you a cleaner and healthier option for your baby. Designed for ages 0-36 months, these pacifiers are BPA free and feature a silicone orthodontic nipple. What an awesome baby shower gift!

Be sure to Wish for It during the UOBS right here.


Pearhead Baby & chalkboardPearhead

Pearhead is all about creating unique, quality products that celebrate those special moments in life. They make it even more fun to capture and display these moments with their keepsakes, picture frames and decor. Now you can keep track of your baby’s development with the All About Baby Chalkboard. Show off  those milestones in a snapshot with your baby using this perfect backdrop!

Watch for a flash giveaway with Pearhead!

UOBS Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Boulevard

Safety 1st

And last but certainly not least, Safety 1st. This brand has been trusted in my household for many years and why I have partnered with them time and time again on this blog. As their name suggests, safety comes first for them with rigorous testing and products that make it easier to keep our babies safe.   A new product being offered is their Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat.  This has  an IIHS Best Bet rating!!  You’ll never need another car seat as it goes from rear-facing to forward facing. The new 3 in 1 car seat is for children from 5-100 pounds. Easy to use, with a QuickFit Harness System, three position recline, adjusts with one hand, and removable pillows! Available at Babies R Us.

UOBS Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat Side Impact Protection

According to my three year old, this seat is “super comfy” and he loves the headrest.  I appreciate the modern look of this versatile cars seat. One of my favorite features is the machine washable, dryer safe fabric that comes off the seat without removing the hardness. Goodness, where have you been all my life?

Watch for flash giveaways with Safety 1st!

So there you have it. All the brands participating in the Ultimate Online Baby Shower in one spot. Be sure to RSVP by going to the #UOBS tab on my Facebook page to participate in this event. Don’t forget to watch my Facebook page and Twitter feed for links to giveaways and sampling events so you don’t miss out. Remember, things will go FAST so be at the ready.

Have fun!



  1. It’s going to be fun!! Thank you for mentioning our Choco*Smooch from Sweetsation Therapy 🙂 Love the images you took. Hopefully we can collaborate again in the future.

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