Wesley Has a Giggle Fit Over My Water Bottle

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Trying to keep Wesley entertained while on our way to Wisconsin Dells last week was tough. His teeth were bothering him and he was super fussy. And really, a four hour ride is tough on any baby. On this particular stretch I traveled in the middle seat next to Wes so I could do my best to entertain him.  Believe it or not, my half empty water bottle gave him more entertainment than any of his toys.

Enjoy his fit of giggles. I know I certainly did.

 (I apologize in advance for the orientation. I have to remember to turn my iPhone when filming!)


  1. That’s is the cutest! I’m planning on taking a road trip..ready? 17 hour car road trip in February and I’m due in 4 weeks so my baby boy would be 5 months! I must be crazy but I think we can do it by being flexible and taking our time!

  2. Just the cutest. I will have to remember that with my little one. Isn’t it the sweetest thing that the simplest things make them happy.

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