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Taco Egg Rolls for Game Day

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Game day is always a reason to celebrate. I always feel a sense of loss when football season ends but now it is March and the perfect time to gather around some delicious snacks to watch other sporting events.  These taco egg rolls will be a slam dunk as you work on your basketball bracket later this month or to serve family and friends as you watch the tournament unfold.

(This Taco Egg Rolls recipe post is sponsored by Conagra, but opinions expressed are my own.)

taco egg rolls served with sour cream

Taco Egg Roll Ingredients

To make these taco egg rolls seven ingredients are required including:

  • RO*TEL Original Diced Tomatoes
  • Rosarita Traditional Refried Beans
  • hamburger
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • taco seasoning
  • egg roll wrappers
  • canola oil for frying

Optional ingredients include sour cream or guacamole and sliced green onions for garnish.

All the ingredients needed for this recipe could be conveniently picked up at my local Walmart. I headed to the Mexican food aisle for Rosarita Traditional Refried Beans. Did you know they only have 120 calories and zero grams trans-fat per serving? I like to add these refried beans to recipes for authentic and delicious Mexican inspired appetizers.

I can always find the RO*TEL Original Diced Tomatoes next to the other canned tomatoes. I love the vine-ripened tomatoes, zesty green chilies, and a mix of spices because it is loaded with bold flavor and is so versatile.

How to Make Taco Egg Rolls

To make these homemade egg rolls you’ll need to start by browning your hamburger and draining the grease. Stir in taco seasoning, RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes and a little water. I used homemade taco seasoning but you can use a taco seasoning packet instead. Heat meat mixture through.

browned ground beef with taco seasoning and rotel

Next you’ll need to gather all your ingredients including egg roll wrappers, shredded cheddar cheese, hamburger mixture and warmed Rosarita Refried Beans for easier spreading. Don’t forget a small dish of water to seal your egg roll wrappers.

taco egg rolls ready to be filled

How to Wrap Egg Rolls

If you’ve ever wondered how to fold egg rolls it is actually pretty easy. My egg roll wrappers came up with a handy diagram for easier wrapping.

refried beans on egg roll

You’ll want to start placing your egg roll wrapper down with corner pointing up so it resembles a diamond. Add your fillings to the center of your wrapper. For this taco egg rolls recipe, you’ll start with refried beans.

making a mexican egg roll with hamburger

Next add your seasoned hamburger and tomato meat mixture and top with shredded cheese. Just be careful not to overfill so you can easily seal your egg roll.

filling egg roll with taco meat, beans and cheese

To fold your egg roll start by bringing the bottom corner up and gently tucking under the filling.

folding an egg roll before frying

Fold both sides in to resemble an envelope. For a cleaner look you’ll want to make sure no filling has escaped and the sides stay even with the bottom.

folding an egg roll

Add some water with your finger to the top sides and corner then roll to seal.  That is all there is to it!

folded egg roll

Baked Egg Rolls Option

You can make baked egg rolls if you prefer to skip the frying. To do this you’ll need to spray your egg rolls with cooking spray and then bake at 425 degrees F. for 10 to 15 minutes or until gold brown.

frying egg rolls in oil

How to Fry Egg Rolls

To fry your taco egg rolls you’ll need to fill a deep pan with canola oil. Add enough oil to cover half of your egg roll for even cooking and heat it to 350 degrees. Cook until golden brown approximately 1 to 2 minutes, making sure to turn over half way. Transfer to a cooking rack or on a paper towel lined dish to catch any excess oil.

egg rolls just fried
If that sounds complicated here is a quick visual to help you!

Step by Step How to Make Taco Egg Rolls

Because these are a fried and hot appetizer, I recommend serving these right away. You can prep your egg rolls ahead of time to save more time before guests arrive.

homemade fried egg rolls

I served mine with some scallions as garnish and a big bowl of sour cream for dunking but guacamole or taco sauce would also be great choices.

inside of taco egg roll

These taco egg rolls are ridiculously good. They may be simple but they are loaded with flavor and the perfect game day appetizer for all taco lovers. (And really, who doesn’t love tacos?)

closeup inside a taco egg roll

Taco egg rolls are a fun twist on a classic! Try something new with these delicious egg rolls loaded with ground beef, refried beans and cheese!
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Taco Egg Rolls

Celebrate game day with these taco egg rolls! Impress family and friends with a snack that is sure to satisfy and is easier to make than you think.This game day appetizer will be a slam dunk, home run or touchdown with taco lovers.
Course Appetizer
Keyword egg rolls, game day, snack, taco, taco egg rolls
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 15
Author Emilie at FindingZest.com


  • 1/2 lb hamburger
  • 2/3 cup RO*TEL Original Diced Tomatoes drained
  • 1 cup Rosarita Traditional Refried Beans warmed
  • 1 tablespoon taco seasoning
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 15 egg roll wrappers from 1 lb package
  • sour cream or guacamole or salsa
  • green onion for garnish optional
  • canola oil enough to cover half an egg roll


  1. Brown hamburger in frying pan over medium heat. Drain grease. Add in taco seasoning, water and Ro*tel. Stir and heat through.
  2. Place one egg roll wrapper on work surface with one corner pointing up so it looks like a diamond. Top with refried beans, meat and cheese. Fold bottom corner up over filling, tucking the tip under slightly. Fold in sides to resemble an envelop. Brush top corrner and top sides with water. Gently roll egg roll toward remaining corner and press to seal. Place seam side down on plate. Repeat with remaining egg roll wrappers.
  3. Heat oil to 350 degrees in frying pan. (For more even cooking make sure oil is deep enough to cover half of egg roll at a time.) Cook until golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes, turning over once half way through cooking.
  4. Transfer to paper towel lined dish to drain any excess oil.
  5. Serve immediately with sour cream and sliced scallions for garnish if desired.

Recipe Notes

Trying mixing 1 cup sour cream and 1/2 cup salsa together for a tasty dipping sauce with these egg rolls!

taco egg rolls appetizer ready to be served

I hope you enjoy this tasty egg rolls with a Mexican twist!

taco egg rolls with rotel and rosarita


Closeup of taco egg roll appetizer
taco egg rolls served with sour cream
fried taco egg rolls and sour cream

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